Laura Arnold hired as new Altman Resident Director

Laura Arnold, a 2016 graduate of Hastings College, has officially been hired to replace Erica Haberman as the new Resident Director for Altman Hall. The hiring, which is expected to be the first of two to three resident hall leadership changes before the 2016/2017 school year, comes just 10 days after Haberman resigned from her position as Altman Resident Director and Director of Housing.

Arnold’s first official day as Resident Director of Altman Hall is on Friday. She will be accompanied in Altman Hall with her husband Landon Arnold.

This hire is something Associate Vice President for Student Life Dan Peters feels is “meant to be.”

“When her name was brought up in our office, we didn’t know that she was interested in the position,” Peters said. “We made some contact, met on the phone and met for coffee, actually. It was a really great meeting, the timing worked out very well on her end and it actually seemed like it was meant to be.”

Arnold graduated in January of 2016 from Hastings College with a B.A. in Psychology. In October, she was accepted into Drexel University’s School of Education and is now working towards an online M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Autism Concentration.

Throughout the hiring process, Hastings College administration initially planned on finding a temporary replace in the role of resident director. But after evaluating their options and meeting with Arnold, they opted for a long-term solution.

The hiring process was thorough and included multiple meetings between different members of the Hastings College Office of Student Life.

“I interviewed first with Dan Peters and Colt Kraus. A few days after this initial interview, I was invited to go through a second interview with Dan Peters and Chandra Essex,” Arnold said. “I also went through the standard process for candidates, which included meeting with Human Resources, touring the residence hall and meeting the other Resident Directors.”

Peters described Arnold as “professional and prepared” and cites her previous experience as an Alternate Resident Assistant and Altman resident as “a huge advantage.”

Arnold’s prior experience living in Altman is something, she too, hopes can make the transition as seamless as possible.

“I think that this is a huge advantage (that I lived and worked in Altman Hall), and will be a great strength for me. I think that it will make the transition easier, since I know how Altman operates and what the environment is like in the residence hall,” she said. “I loved living in Altman, and I’m really excited to be returning.”

Peters and the rest of the Office of Student Life have already developed a communication plan between Arnold and the resident assistant in Altman,

“We’ve developed a communication plan internally on how we’re going to introduce this person to Altman, how we’re going to get them connected to RA’s and how do we get them comfortable and their face in all of the residents,” he said. “That’s priority number one.”

Arnold is excited about the opportunity to meet the residents of Altman and build relationships that can last for years to come.

“I just really hope to get to know the residents and the staff this semester. I’m really excited to be returning and to be able to start building relationships with everyone,” she said. “I’m really interested in meeting with the current RA’s and hearing their ideas and what they’ve been working on thus far this year.”






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